2017-2018 abc360 Update Webinar Series Recordings and Handouts


  2017-2018 abc³⁶⁰ Update Webinar Series Recordings & Handouts - Parts 1 (July), 2 (September) and 3 (December) Available Now!

You'll be brought up to date on "breaking news" and important changes that occurred throughout the year 

hosted by PWW Media and sponsored by EMS Billing Services, Inc.

The abc360 Update Webinar series is your stream of ambulance billing and compliance information that won't end with your conference attendance. You'll be kept up to date with "breaking news" and important changes throughout the year by attending these Updates.  If you happened to miss these 3 webinars, you can view the recordings and handouts as well as receive NAAC CEUs by purchasing the individual recordings ($129 each) or the entire recording package ($300). 

This webinar is NAAC® approved for 1 mandatory CEU for CAC, 1 CEU for CACO and CAPO.



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