About PWW Media

PWW Media provides innovative compliance solutions for the EMS industry.  We offer a comprehensive suite of products ranging from our widely used manuals and toolkits, to dynamic training videos and educational webinars. PWW Media also hosts the nation’s leading educational events for EMS professionals.  

PWW Media’s offerings include:

PWW Media Educational Events

We work with the premiere speakers and educators in the EMS industry to bring you top-notch, timely educational events. And all our events are certified through NAAC®, the Industry's gold standard of excellence in compliance ethics and integrity in all facets of ambulance coding and compliance. 

PWW Media Conferences

  • abc360 - The nation's leading conference on ambulance revenue cycle management and compliance.  

  • PWW Executive Institute (XI) - An exclusive and intensive conference for executives, chiefs, top-level managers, owners and leaders who want to see the "big picture" of ambulance and industry finance, reimbursement, compliance and human resource management.  

PWW Media Webinars

PWW Media is one of the nation’s most respected sources for educational content in EMS.  Our webinars cover timely issues that touch the various organizations in EMS and the ambulance industry. Click here to view our webinars.

Live Education and Training

PWW Media works with the National EMS Industry Law Firm, Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, LLC to present relevant topics that EMS professionals are dealing with today.  PWW delivers presentations that are consistently well received and among the highest-rated at EMS events throughout the United States. Visit www.pwwemslaw.com to find out how to bring the most sought-out experts, educators and presenters at EMS conferences, seminars and events nationwide to your agency.  

PWW Media Publications

PWW Media works with the nation's top EMS industry experts to develop, create, and produce the most effective compliance tools for the EMS industry. We offer products covering topics including:

  • Billing & Coding Compliance
  • Facility Contracting
  • Social Media
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • HIPAA Training

Visit the PWW Media Store.  

Contact Information

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Quick Contacts by E-Mail:

CustomerService@pwwmedia.com- For questions about orders, PWW Media seminars or event registration - ask our Customer Service Manager.

Info@pwwmedia.com - For general inquiries about the company, events, or our services.