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  • The New Age of HIPAA and Cybersecurity Starts in 2019 –
    PWW Webinar

    The New Age of HIPAA and Cybersecurity Starts in 2019 –  What it Means for EMS

    A PWW Media Webinar

  • Compliance in 911 Contracts
    PWW Webinar

    The landmark case involved allegations that a local agency received kickbacks in awarding a contract to a vendor.  Though there were many unique aspects of that EMS system that made the government’s case highly questionable, there are nevertheless many important prin

  • abc360 Update Webinar 2017-2018 Series

    abc360 Update Webinar Series brought to you by PWW Media and sponsored by EMS Billing Services, Inc.

  • HIPAA TV 2.0

    It's a new world in EMS privacy and security; and your HIPAA training must keep up with today's challenges.  Introducing HIPAA TV 2.0, an all-new training program specifically designed for EMS industry professionals.

  • The Ambulance Service Model Personnel Handbook

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