CMS Proposes PCS Rule Changes

Webinar Recording and Handouts


 CMS Proposes PCS Rule Changes  – What it Means for the Industry and What You Can Do Today

A PWW Media Webinar Recording

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) just released a Proposed Rule that could spell significant changes to Medicare’s Physician Certification Statement (PCS) rules.  If the proposed revisions are adopted, they would drastically impact the current PCS rules and require ambulance services nationwide to update their existing PCS forms. 

CMS is soliciting comments on the Proposed Rule.  In order to best represent the industry, PWW Media hosted a special Webinar to discuss what the proposed PCS rules would mean for the industry and to solicit your questions and comments about the Rule.  The attorneys and consultants of PWW will use Webinar attendee feedback when they comment to CMS on the Proposed Rule by the deadline of September 27, 2019.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why CMS is proposing these changes now
  • Why CMS is adding the “Non-Physician Certification Statement” to the regulations
  • Why PCS forms should be renamed
  • The changes you’ll need to make to your PCS forms
  • The timeline for updating your PCS forms
  • Who the new proposed PCS signers are and how to verify their credentials
  • Why the list of proposed PCS signers could be even broader than the what’s in Proposed Rule
  • The minimum requirements for PCS forms
  • Essential staff training on the proposed PCS rules
  • What the removal of the term “physician’s order” from the rules might mean for appeals
  • Why some agencies are using a “streamlined” PCS form and our recommendations

Special preview:  Attendees will also get an exclusive preview of what PWW’s new PCS form would look like under the proposed rules.
Here is your opportunity to learn now about the big changes and to offer your input while CMS is still debating the rules. 

This webinar is approved for 1.5 hours of CEU credit for CAC and CACO.



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