COVID Vaccines: The Top 10 Questions – Answered by the EMS Law Experts

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In the last few weeks, we’ve been inundated with questions about COVID vaccines and the EMS workplace. It’s one of the hottest EMS topics of 2021.  And there is no shortage of opinions and commentary about getting vaccinated and what an EMS agency can and can’t require.  Join us as we cut through the emotions, controversy and misinformation and simply stick to the facts – and the law – on this unique topic during this exclusive PWW EMS Law webinar.

Here’s your chance to get the straight answers on these most popular questions – as well as your own - in the usual PWW practical and non-lawyer-like way!  Some of the questions we will answer are:

  • Can an EMS agency require career and volunteer staff to get vaccinated?
  • Can an EMS agency provide incentives for staff members to get vaccinated?
  • Must an EMS agency pay employees for their time while being vaccinated?
  • What if a staff member has a religious objection to getting the vaccine – what are the legal requirements?

You won’t want to miss this timely webinar recording – it will give you the “shot in the arm” you need to effectively answer the tough questions from your EMS staff - and will help “immunize” you from false or inaccurate information – and potential workplace lawsuits!



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