Navigating the New Air Ambulance Regulations

2019 Webinar Recording & Handouts


The new FAA law contains a host of provisions that will impact air ambulance services and anyone who bills for them.  The new law contains requirements for certain disclosures on air ambulance invoices, on provider websites and mobile apps, and more.  This air ambulance webinar recording will also cover some upcoming Federal initiatives regarding air ambulance service operations, billing and oversight – and air ambulance services need to know what’s coming down the line and how to be prepared.  Viewers of this webinar recording will receive model language that they can utilize to meet the new law’s air ambulance disclosure requirements.  We will discuss some of the uncertainties that remain “up in the air” under the new law, including FAA rulemaking authority, new air ambulance service definitions, and more.  We will review some of the numerous state law efforts to attempt to rein in “balance billing” by air ambulance providers and state efforts to address the issue of “surprise” air ambulance bills for consumers.  And, of course, since this is a PWW webinar recording, attendees will receive compliance tips and recommendations to help air ambulance services stay on top of their obligations under the new laws. 

This webinar recording is approved for 1.5 hours of CAC and CACO CEU credit.



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