Social Media Survival Kit

Social media compliance - we’ve got a plan for that.


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Just one click could ruin your reputation, invite a HIPAA investigation or spark a lawsuit. Learn how to strike the right balance between your staff members’ needs to network and your obligation to keep your agency running smoothly. The Kit contains a Sample Social Networking Policy, which helps you set clear expectations and parameters when it comes to your workforce and the internet.

What’s included in the Social Media Survival Kit?

  • EMS Employer’s Guide to Social Media. Discover exactly where the limits are when it comes to employee rights and regulating on and off-duty social networking activity. Learn effective ways to make sure your employees don’t violate patient privacy or set you up for liability when they post. The Guide also tackles the difficult task of crafting a legally compliant social media policy.
  • Sample Social Networking Policy. This easily adaptable workplace policy is specifically geared for the EMS workplace. It gives your workforce rules about the appropriate use of social networking and details when you, the employer, may have an interest in regulating that behavior.
  • Training Materials. Bring it home for your workforce through an interactive slide presentation that offers real life principles to follow when engaging in social networking. The materials also come with objectives, two (2) post-tests with answer keys and explanations. CEU approved!

Social networking poses unprecedented new risks and challenges for EMS employers. This Survival Kit contains the tools you need to help you effectively deal with these challenges while allowing your staff to stay connected.

This product will be immediately available upon receipt of payment.