The New Age of HIPAA and Cybersecurity Starts in 2019 Webinar Recording and Handouts

Webinar Recording and Handouts


The New Age of HIPAA and Cybersecurity Starts in 2019 –  What it Means for EMS

A PWW Media Webinar Recording

How we protect our data and comply with HIPAA is about to change.  The Government dropped two major initiatives at the end of 2018 that will have a significant impact on HIPAA compliance in 2019 and beyond.  Learn about the latest in privacy and security for the EMS industry from our HIPAA Experts by viewing this webinar recording.  You can expect information on the following:

  • Cybersecurity Guidance:  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued new Cybersecurity Practices in December 2018, and experts believe the guidance will establish expected baseline security standards for ALL healthcare providers moving forward.  The detailed guidance includes specific recommendations concerning today’s cyberthreats – like ransomware - and suggests ways that small and medium-sized healthcare providers can economically safeguard health information. 
  • HIPAA Request for Information:  HHS is considering another overhaul of the HIPAA regulations.  This time they’re seeking comments from the public about how HIPAA affects day-to-day operations, and HHS is considering ways to make it easier to comply with the Privacy Rule.  New changes could include:
  • Removal of regulations that present obstacles to care coordination
  • Eliminating the Notice of Privacy Practices signature
  • Allowing patients to see more information about their records
  • Shortening timelines for fulfilling medical records requests  

You will learn what you should implement from HHS’s Cybersecurity Practices and what those security measures look like in EMS.  Attendees will also learn how they can comment to HHS on the potential changes and what covered entities and business associates can do now to prepare for likely HIPAA changes in the future.    

New state breach laws that go well beyond HIPAA requirements and "how to protect against the latest cybersecurity threats for EMS" will be discussed. 

This webinar recording is approved for 1.5 hours of CAC, CACO and CAPO CEU credit.



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