PWW Executive Institute (XI)

Position Your Agency to Survive, Thrive and Comply in the Coming Year

Hershey, PA  ~ October 18, 2021
Las Vegas, NV  ~ March 8, 2022
San Antonio, TX ~ April 25, 2022
Clearwater Beach, FL ~ June 7, 2022 

What is XI?

The Executive Institute (“XI”) is a high-level and intensive all-day workshop for EMS leaders, chiefs, HR managers and compliance professionals. XI helps leaders spot industry trends from a high level, and gives you the tools you need to shape your agency’s own future instead of waiting for external forces to shape it for you.

Here is a breakdown of the Sessions for the 2021-22 XI Conference Series:

Session Topics:

XI Keynote
Do You Like Lawsuits?  Here Are the Top Six Things to Do if You Want to Get Sued
Getting Your Courage Up:  Effectively Dealing with Bad Behavior in the EMS Workplace
It's About to Get Real: Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Tackle Cost Data Collection
The New EMS Workplace Challeges in a Post-COVID World - Managing Hot Issues
EMS Economics in the New EMS Landscape
Leadership Lessons From the 1990s: What EMS Leaders Can Learn from the Dot Com Decade
Got a Minute? The Roving Compliance Hotline
Compliance: It's Not Just for Medicare Anymore
Servant Leadership 2.0 - Keeping Our Staff Happy, Healthy and Harmonious
"Unimpdeded by Progress": Seven Sacred Traditions That Are Holding Us Back
Closing Keynote: The PWW Partners Look at the Next Five Years in EMS