XI Keynote
Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - 8:15am to 9:00am

HOPE - Leadership's New Four-Letter Word
According to recent Gallup research, there has been a notable rise in “global unhappiness” over the last 15 years and leaders have largely missed the impact this has had on the workplace. The pandemic, social unrest, and the polarized political climate have impacted people’s relationship with their jobs and further exacerbated workforce shortages. Our leadership teams are a microcosm of the community as a whole and many are struggling to see a path forward. As a reactive profession, we often don’t point out the many positives around us, and thus fail to paint a picture of a brighter future. However, during difficult times, hope is often the unspoken jet fuel that motivates and drives our teams toward tomorrow in a positive direction. Instilling hope is not just a desirable trait - it is the essential foundation of successful leadership. This session will highlight the three most powerful tools any leader can have: hope, optimism, and resiliency - and provide practical pointers on how to marshal these traits into fostering a more positive workplace culture.