All-New EMS HIPAA Training Video Released! - HIPAA TV 2.0

HIPAA TV 2.0 is Here!

The EMS Industry's Most-Used HIPAA Training Video is Now All New

HIPAA TV 2.0 is the latest, most complete training package for the EMS industry specifically targeted to today's privacy and security challenges.

HIPAA TV 2.0 includes a fast-paced training video, with real-world scenarios covering:

  • Using social media
  • Sharing health information with family members
  • Dealing with law enforcement and the news media
  • Mobile devices in the field
  • Discovering cyberattacks
  • Distributing the Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Snooping
  • And, much more

HIPAA TV 2.0 also includes post-tests and customizable training slides, so you can tailor your agency’s HIPAA training experience to fully meet your needs. 

It’s a new world in EMS privacy and security.  Update your training today by ordering HIPAA TV 2.0 now! .