Billing Medicare for Treatment in Place – Everything You Need to Know

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Billing Medicare for Treatment in Place - Everything You Need to Know
A PWW Media Webinar Recording - Sponsored by Digitech

In this webinar recording, we explain the detailed requirements for Medicare TIP reimbursement and unearth a Pandora’s box of considerations for your agency.  Key things you’ll learn include:

  • The community-wide protocols. There are very strict requirements for the protocol, and it is not simply having a protocol that permits treat not transport for COVID patients. 
  • The mandatory claim submission requirement for qualifying TIP services.  If your agency provides TIP services during the PHE and meet the requirements, you must submit a claim to Medicare because it is a now Medicare covered service until the PHE is lifted. 
  • How to handle the Patient’s cost-sharing obligation.  We’ll tell you what the government is saying about waiving and collecting the cost sharing amount from beneficiaries and give you some best practices. 
  • Your obligations if you already collected payment from the beneficiary for the TIP services.  If you previously collected payment from a Medicare beneficiary for TIP services that now fall under this benefit, you may have to refund any amounts paid that are more than the applicable cost-sharing.   

Webinar is approved for CAC, CAPO, and CACO

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